Thursday, March 4, 2021

Q&A with Joan Luise Hill and Katie Mahon


Joan Luise Hill and Katie Mahon are the authors of the new book The Miracle Collectors: Uncovering Stories of Wonder, Joy, and Mystery. They also have written the book The Miracle Chase.


Q: You wrote The Miracle Chase a decade ago. What made you decide to write The Miracle Collectors, and what do you see as the relationship between the two books?


A: As we traveled around the country promoting our first book, The Miracle Chase, we began every talk by sharing the extraordinary stories that prompted that first journey, and an unexpected and amazing thing began to happen. Others wanted to share their long-held stories with us in return.


Inadvertently, we had given others permission to give voice to defining moments in their own lives as we had given voice to our own. We realized that we had become the story keepers and The Miracle Collectors was born.


The first book was our own journey into the mysteries behind the miraculous. The second book invites the reader on the journey with us to look at life through a different lens in the company of these extraordinary stories and offers a way to find miracles in their own lives.


Q: How do the two of you collaborate on your books? Can you describe your writing process?


A: We like to say that Generosity of Spirit was the secret sauce that allowed our  writing to flow and our collaboration to flourish. We had to check our egos at the door and realize that the subject of miracles was bigger than both of us!


We needed to be able to brainstorm without judgment, respect each other’s opinions, and push each other to go past the simple answer and get to a place of deeper understanding and meaning. While it is not always easy, the reward is in our belief that our books are stronger because of the different perspectives we bring.


Q: In your books, you describe the miracles you both experienced in your lives. How did that change you and those around you, and what impact did writing this book have on you?


A: Miracle experiences have the power to change you in profound ways and that was certainly the case with the two of us. It launched us on a spiritual journey we would not have otherwise undertaken and we hope it empowers others to consider their spiritual selves as a vital aspect of who they are.


Writing The Miracle Collectors was a gift of grace. The process included not just relaying these wonderful stories from others, but it was a way for us to share the wisdom we learned along the way and continue to rely on in our day-to-day lives.


Q: What do you hope readers take away from the book?


A: This has been an unprecedented time of uncertainty given the pandemic, the political upheaval, and the financial crises facing the world. In the face of these calamities, it is essential that we nourish our soul as well as our bodies and The Miracle Collectors does just that.


It is a book of possibilities, offering hope and practical suggestions for finding a way forward by beginning to identify the miracles in your own life and remembering that we are never alone.


The Take A Miracle Moment Challenges at the end of each chapter offer a practical and simple approach to becoming more aware of the joy in your life, deepening the connection with others by finding our commonalities, and by seeking to uncover your life’s purpose.


Q: What are you working on now?


A: The biggest thing we are working on right now is getting the message of The Miracle Collectors into the world. We know firsthand how powerful sharing stories can be.


We learned after our first book that the ripple effect of miracles goes far beyond our own expectations and that when we allow others the freedom of expression to share their own stories and be heard without judgement, we allow ideas and interactions to flow more openly.


We look forward to continuing the miracle conversation and to see where the next 20 years of our miracle journey takes us.


Q: Anything else we should know?


A: The Miracle Collectors: Uncovering Stories of Wonder, Joy, and Mystery goes on sale on March 2 and is available in hardcover, e-book, and audiobook.


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