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Q&A with Esther Zeledón



Dr. Esther Zeledón is the author of the new book Creating Your Limitless Life. Also a scientist and life coach, she was born in Nicaragua and raised in the United States.


Q: What inspired you to write Creating Your Limitless Life?

A: Creating Your Limitless Life was inspired by a deeply personal journey, rooted in my own experiences of growing up in a household living paycheck to paycheck, where my world was largely confined to what I could explore through books.


The local library became my sanctuary, a place where I immersed myself in Lonely Planet guides and autobiographies, drawing inspiration from tales of world-changers and distant lands.


For me, books were not just an escape; they were a window into what could be. I dreamed of contributing my voice to that world of inspiration, and the idea of writing a book became integral to my legacy.


With Creating Your Limitless Life, I had a clear formula for finding and pursuing one's purpose that I had developed and tested with thousands of clients and through my career as an international diplomat, bringing inspiration and transformative impetus. It felt imperative to share this with the world.


I was also acutely aware that a staggering 92 percent of people give up on their dreams, with only a small 8 percent actively pursuing them.


At the same time, I witnessed how people who find their mission, purpose, and vision can take steps to seize opportunities to truly soar, and improve not only their lives but also the lives of those around them. When people follow their dreams, they can change the world for the better.


I can imagine the beauty of a world where these statistics are reversed - a world with less terrorism, anxiety, depression, and violence, simply because people and entire communities are no longer frustrated with their lives, merely surviving, but are living purposefully.


That's why making Creating Your Limitless Life accessible was so crucial to me. By pricing both the book and workbook at just $0.99 on Amazon, I aimed to ensure that anyone, regardless of their financial situation, could access these life-changing exercises and materials.


It's about making the path to living a purpose-driven life accessible to all, especially to those who are in situations similar to where I started.

Q: How was the book's title chosen, and what does it signify for you?

A: The journey to choosing the title for Creating Your Limitless Life was a reflective and collaborative process, completed towards the end of the book's development with invaluable input from my publisher and an amazing author coach. The title is deeply personal and resonates with the theme of duality that has been a constant in my life.


Just as important as the main title, crossing out Chasing the American Dream signifies the larger socio-cultural forces I have battled against. Like many, I've always been caught in a tug-of-war between pursuing my own dreams and adhering to the societal benchmarks of the American Dream.


From a young age, I was full of dreams, just like the children I've worked with, who have a crystal-clear vision of what they want and the changes they wish to see in the world.


However, the rigid timelines and expectations of the American Dream often felt at odds with my true desires and my larger purpose. The American Dream felt limited, and especially once I had achieved it, I knew I was destined for more.


Creating Your Limitless Life as a title embodies this struggle and my resolution to it. It's a bold declaration to stop chasing predefined milestones and start sculpting a life without limitations, a life that may include traditional achievements but is not bound by them.


This title signifies the freedom to choose and create a life based on one's own terms, free from societal constraints or the glass ceilings we impose on ourselves.


Ultimately, this book is about understanding that our biggest barrier is often our mindset. By shifting our perspective, we can unlock a world of possibilities and truly create a limitless life. The title is a nod to this empowering realization and a call to action for everyone who feels confined by external expectations.


Q: The writer Erika Cramer said of you and the book, "If you're not living a limitless life, then you need this book now! Esther Zeledón is a master dream maker and mindset shaker." What do you think of that description, and how would you define a limitless life?


A: I absolutely adore Erika Cramer's description. To me, a limitless life embodies the liberation from fear and self-doubt that often ambush us following a burst of inspiration. It's about silencing those inner voices that caution us to be practical, to seek risk instead of opportunity, and to disregard our dreams as unrealistic or unattainable.


Living limitlessly means recognizing that everything we aspire to is within our reach. It involves crafting a long-term vision, understanding that while we might overestimate what we can achieve in a year, we often underestimate what can unfold in five or 10 years.


It's about starting with belief, nurturing that vision, and persistently working towards it.


In my experience, I've witnessed individuals and communities start with mere ideas that with purpose, aligned action, and resilience evolve into thriving entities.


My role in helping people shake off restrictive mindsets and embark on transformative journeys aligns perfectly with Erika's words. She captures the essence of what I do and what Creating Your Limitless Life stands for – empowering others to turn their dreams into reality.


So, yes, that description is incredibly accurate and something I hold close to my heart.


Q: What do you hope readers take away from the book?


A: In Creating Your Limitless Life, my foremost hope is that readers emerge with a newfound sense of clarity about their lives. I want this book to be a beacon of inspiration, showing them the realm of possibilities, especially those that may have laid dormant or hidden away.


My journey, from having nothing and challenging societal norms to living a life filled with joy and free from anxiety, is a testament to the power of realignment. It's about shifting from constant anxiety to experiencing daily joy.


I've witnessed this transformative journey in my clients, in communities I've worked with, and I fervently believe it's attainable for everyone. This book isn't just another narrative explaining the “why.” Rather, it's a practical guide providing the “how,” the actionable steps for individuals to independently embark on their transformative journey.

At a larger level, my vision for this book is more than just sharing knowledge. I want to spark a movement that alters the prevailing narrative to one that's enriching and empowering.


I want readers to understand that anything is possible, to recognize that vulnerability is a form of strength and that our stories, even those marked by mistakes, are valuable.

This book is my contribution to a larger dialogue, one where we acknowledge our right to aspire for more, to be more. It's an affirmation that desiring a life aligned with our true selves is not just acceptable, but essential.

Q: What are you working on now?

A: Currently, I'm channeling my experiences and insights into my second book, a project that's both exhilarating and deeply personal.


Working with extraordinary individuals from diverse backgrounds has been an incredible journey. I've had the privilege of witnessing their moments of clarity, followed by bursts of transformative ideas and actions that have positively impacted the world.

This next book dives into the phase I'm navigating now — guiding high achievers globally to not just succeed but to trailblaze. It's thrilling to embark on this project because I believe there's a gap in the literature for such a resource.


This book aims to build upon the foundation laid in Creating Your Limitless Life, but in a more concise, accessible format.

It's essentially the 2.0 version, packed with advanced insights and strategies that I've gathered along my journey. It's designed for those ready to take the next giant leap in their personal and professional lives. I'm eager to share these new learnings, so stay tuned for what's coming!

Q: Anything else we should know?

A: In writing my book, I initially hesitated to include my personal story. My primary focus was on sharing the "how" – the methods to gain clarity, discover purpose, and maintain momentum. I questioned the relevance of my own experiences, fearing judgment and the vulnerability that comes with such exposure.


Despite these reservations, my publisher and author coach encouraged me to open up about my journey.

Even as I wrote my story, I found myself deleting sections repeatedly, grappling with the fear of revealing too much.


Yet, time and again, interactions at events and casual meetings reminded me of the power of shared experiences. People would open up to me with their stories, making me realize the importance of including my own.


Ultimately, I'm grateful I decided to share my story. It has resonated with many readers, fostering a space of mutual vulnerability and connection. This process has transformed my view of vulnerability to reflect courage and strength. It's a testament to the fact that our stories, in all their authenticity, truly matter.


--Interview with Deborah Kalb

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