Sunday, January 15, 2017

January 2017 Jewish Book Carnival

I'm pleased to be hosting the January 2017 Jewish Book Carnival. The carnival, which appears on the 15th of every month, brings together an assortment of information on Jewish themes. 

Here are this month's selections:

On My Machberet, Erika Dreifus has once again compiled a post summarizing her past year in Jewish books.

On the Fig Tree Books blog, you'll find a fresh installment in a series of posts spotlighting titles that have won the Edward Lewis Wallant Award, a prize that honors the memory of the author of The Pawnbroker and other novels. Up now: Nicole Krauss's The History of Love.

At The Whole Megillah, Barbara Krasner interviews Bruce Ashkenas, author of Shadows of Shame, a novel in which a Jewish reporter in the 1940s goes undercover and infiltrates the German-American Bund.

The Book of Life Podcast features an interview with Jeffrey Green, translator of Aharon Appelfeld’s Hebrew novel for children, Adam & Thomas.

The blog A Jewish Grandmother features a book review of Steve Sherr's memoir No Stories to Tell. Sherr was raised in an assimilated Jewish home and then spent decades even further from Jewish life until he felt a great spiritual void, became Torah observant and moved to Israel. Of course the story is a lot more complicated. 
On my website, I interviewed storyteller Joel Ben Izzy about his new novel for children, Dreidels on the Brain.

The Association of Jewish Libraries announces the 2017 Sydney Taylor Book Award winners on the People of the Books Blog!

Many thanks to everyone who participated!


  1. Another link for you: I interviewed Ellen Tilman, chair of the Sydney Taylor Book Award committee, on The Book of Life. She tells all about the 2017 award winners!

  2. Thanks for including my bookreview.

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